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What is 3D hologram?
기호 Generally speaking, publics say hologram is 3D. But most holograms are not 3D.
3D hologram is created using a real 3D model or a computer 3D model made by 3D Max program.
Generally, 15 ~ 25 frames are given to the left and right, so 3D model looks like it rotates from left to right. Sophisticated 3D holograms are very difficult to counterfeit.
Is it true that holograms are easily forged?
기호 There is no case where a forgery hologram is made in Korea.
But forgery holograms may be produced by small-scale overseas hologram makers such as China without copyright concept.
However, since 100% replication is difficult, it is easy to judge authenticity by checking the security elements inserted in the initial hologram design.
And other hologram companies can block attempts to create forged holograms by inserting security technologies that are difficult to implement.
Why is the Fresnel Mirror Lens Hologram difficult to counterfeit?
기호 Fresnel mirror lenses can not be created with traditional holographic technology and production equipment used by most holographic companies around the world.
It is impossible for counterfeiters to create fakes because of the unique technology and the scarcity of facilities.
Consumers can easily check whether they are genuine by simply checking the Fresnel mirror lens.
Other companies do not have Master fee. Why does Secutech Hologram have a master fee?
기호In case of other companies, there is no Master fee because they use general purpose master or pattern image master everybody can use.
It is difficult to give customers the desired hologram design or special security effects because they use pre-made Master.
Secutech holograms are manufactured with 100% customized designs for customers' desires, so they are superior in quality and security than other companies.
Why the Fresnel Mirror lens hologram master is expensive compared to other hologram master?
기호For the security hologram, it is a small master of 155mm * 150mm.
However, in the case of the master of the Fresnel mirror lens, it is 775mm * 600mm, which is over 5 times larger than security hologram master.
It is more complicated than the security hologram, and it takes more than twice as long as the security hologram.
Why is it difficult to produce a Fresnel mirror lens in small quantities?
기호As mentioned, in order to realize the effect of Fresnel mirror lens, it must be produced as big master
Secure holograms can be produced in small wide (155mm), but in the case of Fresnel mirror lenses, they should be manufactured in a wide (775mm) or bigger. As the width increases, the minimum quantity will also increase.

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