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CMS (Contents Management System)

We provide management sites to companies using SWEBS label,enabling to check real time authentication status, location information, distribution management, and change the service environment settings


Service provided

time monitoring of authentication status
Periodic statistics can be checked for authenticity, suspicion and fake product authentication status
GPS-based verified location
See the verified location in real time, show IP address and map information, and identify suspicious attempts location
Distribution Management
You can check and manage distribution statistics for product and distributor by setting up groups for product and distributor.
Inventory Management
Real-time updating of the goods getting in and out, so you can check the status of goods receipts and inventory
Authentication Environment Setting
Verification environment setting such as authentication result screen,
exclusive app authentication setting, event setting and video can be set as desired by the company

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Supply chain management service that combines SWEBS hologram labels and systems to bring together web distribution management for PC and Mobile systems for the entire process of moving products from producers to wholesalers, retailers and consumers


Service provided

Product Grouping Status
After attaching the SWEBS SCM label to the product and the box,
the status of the product and the grouping box of the product can be checked when registering the SCM system
Group Distribution Status
It is possible to check the distribution process of the logistics by checking the takeover date and workers at the headquarters, distributors and sales stores
Admin Management
Headquarters , Distributor, Sales Stores registration management is possible, and user ID registration management at each branch is possible.
Merchandise Management
It's possible to manage such as product name and description for using in distribution management

How to use SCM

scm ̿

SCM Structure(Flow)


CSS (Customer Supply System)

At the same time consumers scan QR, they can enter user information (name, mail, contacts, etc.) possible to carry out various target marketing such as after-sales service, new product introduction, discount coupon and event etc

How to use CSS

css ̿

How to set up CMS

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