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Security Hologram

It is a hologram made from 100% customized design
by creating holographic master.
You can improve security by putting various
hologram effects that can not be realized
with common printing techniques and
invisible security functions that can identify authenticity


Fresnel Hologram

It is the latest hologram that combines
Fresnel lens technology and security hologram
technology which can not be implemented
by existing hologram companies' technology and facilities.
By inserting the unique Fresnel lens into the hologram,it is possible to easily check whether there is an authenticity without any additional equipment.
Hologram production technology and equipment used in most of the world is produced in a completely different way, the security is also high because of its scarcity.
In addition, all visual and non-visual security effects implemented in existing security holograms can be implemented.


SWEBS Hologram

t's a combined product with a security
hologram and a mobile genuine authentic system.
By inserting the encrypted security code into the security hologram, anyone can easily check the genuine product,
as well as provide various marketing tools such as new promotional videos, genuine registration, distribution management and events.


Fresnel SWEBS Hologram

It's a combined product with a Fresnel hologram
and a mobile genuine authentic system.
It is a highly security label based on differentiated hologram technology
as well as access to a variety of online services including genuine authenticity